Important Facts about Glazing Windows

The process of glazing windows is a crucial part of maintaining the integrity of the entire window system.    Performed by a glazer, this process involves installing the glass panes into the frame with either a rabbet connection or putty. Increasing the glazing in windows improves their insulating qualities. There are three types of glazing most commonly used in residential windows:

  1. Single pane
  2. Double pane
  3. Triple pane

Single pane windows consist of a single pane set into a rigid frame, and as result, have very low insulation properties. Single pane glazing windows are no longer the popular choice due to the rising costs for energy.    

Double pane glass consists of an interior pane of glass, then a layer of inert gas, followed by an exterior pane of glass. By adding a layer of gas, engineers create a hermitically sealed environment, meaning the interior of the window is isolated from the exterior. The extra glazing provides the highest insulation value, but comes with the disadvantage of increased cost and weight.

By increasing the insulating and sound attenuating properties of the window by dramatic measures, manufacturers have made double pane glazing windows very popular.
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