Gluing PVC Irrigation Pipe: 4 Tips

Working with PVC irrigation pipe is not a difficult job. As long as you measure your cuts carefully, prime the surfaces to be glued, and apply the glue evenly, not much can go wrong. To glue PVC pipe, follow the simple steps outlined below.

Tip 1: How to Cut PVC

To cut PVC correctly, measure to the shoulders of fitting or joints. If possible, lay the pipe out as you go, and mark the cuts in place. Otherwise, measure from shoulder to shoulder, and add ¼ inch. Always cut straight through the pipe, never at an angle.

Tip 2: Prime the Parts

PVC irrigation pipe needs to be primed before it is glued together. This cleans oils and chemicals off the pipe, and softens the pipe so that it is able to bond more completely.

Tip 3: Clean the Parts

PVC pipe fittings do not normally need to be scraped, but the inner edge of any cut pieces of pipe should be cleaned using a sharp utility knife.

Tip 4: Glue Both Sides

Apply the glue to both side of the pipe to be connected. PVC glue cause the pipe to melt slightly, and makes it possible for the pieces to bond permanently as the glue dries.