GMC Repair Manual: Door Handle Repair GMC Repair Manual: Door Handle Repair

A GMC repair manual is an invaluable tool that you should always consult when working on your GMC vehicle. This can be either in the form of the actual owner's manual, or an aftermarket repair manual that is based on a complete tear down and rebuild of your GMC vehicle. One of the common repairs is a broken door handle. 

Remove Your Door Panel

In order to get at the door handle mechanism you will need to remove the door panel. Remove all the screws and power attachments with a screwdriver. Pop off the door handle by prying it off carefully. You will find another interior panel that can be removed with a screwdriver as well as a plastic weather shield. 

Disconnect Door Handle

Unscrew the handle from the actuator rod and unscrew the two bolts that connect it to the inside of the door handle. 

Reinstall New Handle

Position the new door handle in place and attach to the door body. Reconnect the actuator rod and the retaining clip. Temporarily connect the power components to see that the door handle will work.

Reinstall Panel

Once you know that the door handle is working properly you can set the weather shield back into position as well as the interior panel. Replace the outer door panel by pressing the pop rivets into the holes. Lastly, replace all of the power accessories and screws.


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