Go Green with Interior Color Schemes

Over the past several years, the concept of “going green” has become popular among designers who devote their time to interior color schemes. There are several ways to use green elements on the walls of your home. These elements can enhance a room’s appeal and provide you with a natural, organic look. By creating a color scheme using environmentally-friendly products and ideas, homeowners can decorate while also helping to save the planet.

Natural Paints

A great way to go green on your interior walls is through the use of natural paint. Designers often use these types of paint because they contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These harmful compounds evaporate and contribute to air pollution indoors.

Recycled Wallpaper

Many companies are taking used wallpapers and recycling them to create new wall coverings. The brand new paper that is created can brighten up a dull wall or compliment the designs on your interior furniture.


Bamboo is a renewable source that is often used by interior designers. Bamboo can be used on interior floors, wall coverings or furniture. The light color of the wood can work well with almost any color scheme. It can also be painted any color to match your room’s interior color theme.