Going Green: How to Caulk an Undermount Sink Going Green: How to Caulk an Undermount Sink

What You'll Need
Bar clamp
2 x 4 boards
C clamp
Clip for undermount sink
Adjustable wrench

An undermount sink is installed below the counter and must have caulking to prevent water from leaking. Hence, caulk must be applied on the sink before and after setting it. Before caulking the sink, make sure that it is flush with the counter bottom.

Step 1 – Applying the Caulk

Put a bead of caulk along the sink lip or top, which will come in contact with the bottom part of the counter.

Step 2 – Setting the Boards

Get a 2 x 4 board and install it vertically across the sink opening.

Step 3 – Fitting the Sink

Position the sink against the counter bottom and make the necessary adjustments to make it center on the hole.

Step 4 – Clamping the Sink

Get a bar clamp and install it through the bottom part of the drain. Secure it to the 2 x 4 board with the use of a C clamp. If your sink is of the double bowl type, you will need another bar clamp and a 2 x 4 board.

Step 5 – Securing the Sink

Find the bolts that are next to the sink and apply epoxy on them. Put the clip for the undermount sink in and tighten using your adjustable wrench.

Step 6 – Curing the Caulk and Epoxy

Allow 24 hours for the epoxy and caulk to dry completely. Do not apply finish caulking before the time period expires. After it, you can put a bead of caulk along the areas where the sink meets up with the counter. This will stop water from penetrating the area between the counter and the sink.

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