Going Green: How to Fill and Seal Cracks in a Marble Floor Going Green: How to Fill and Seal Cracks in a Marble Floor

There are few floors as exquisitely beautiful as a marble floor. Its crystalline structure and vein patterns give it a unique and luxurious appearance that can't be duplicated by any other type of floor. But it does at times crack. When this happens to your marble floor, you may want to know how to repair those cracks with eco-friendly patching materials. Here's how you can do this:

Things you'll need

  • Brush
  • Epoxy filler
  • Epoxy tint
  • Clean Cloth
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Putty knife
  • Sanding Block

Step 1 – Clean Cracks

Use a soft brush to clean any debris from the crack. If there are partially dislodged fragments of marble on the edges of the crack, remove them.

Step 2 – Fill Cracks with Recycled Glass Filler

Use a putty knife to apply recycled glass filler to your cracks. This filler is usually made from recycling programs, and includes a cement binder, pigments, and other materials. Its content is as much as 85% recycled glass.

Step 3 – Sand Repaired Cracks

When your recycled glass filler has hardened, use a sanding block and fine grit sandpaper to level the filler even with your marble surface.

Step 4 – Apply Sealant and Polish

Seal the new surface with recycled glass sealant. Apply the sealant and allow it to harden, then wipe off any residue. Apply a marble polish or marble wax for protection and to give it a lustrous shine

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