Going Green: How to Fix a Cracked Acrylic Shower Pan

Acrylic shower pans crack or split with usage and time,  so how to fix a cracked acrylic shower pan is an often asked question. The fix is easy and can be accomplished by any homeowner or do it yourselfer. Acrylic shower pans are subjected to a lot of stress and use over time. Moving around, children jumping around and continual cleaning can lead to cracks and wear and tear.

Repair or Replace?

If the shower pan is cracked deeply or has many cracks your best course of action probably will be to replace the shower pan or install a new liner over the top of the old one. Take this into consideration especially if the bathroom is on the second floor and the possibility of water leaking through your ceiling, wiring and onto your first floor is a possibility.


Acrylic shower pan repair kits are available and include everything you would need to fix the problem, plus directions. There are several brands available so check with your local home improvement store for their recommendations.

Your first step involves cleaning the areas to be repaired thoroughly to remove dirt and cleaning product residue. Apply bonding tape to the cracked area and then mix resin, hardener, and tint. Spread this over the taped area and smooth it as much as possible. Allow this mixture to harden and then sand the surface.