Going Green: How to Fix a Cracked Marble Shower Pan

What You'll Need
Eco-bond eco friendly adhesive
Flathead screw driver
Colored shower paint
Magnifying glass
Butter knife
If one of the showers in your house has a shower pan, it is vulnerable to cracks and various breaks. Unfortunately, most of the repair products for this can cause damage to the environment. In this article we're going to cover a more environmentally friendly alternative. Shower pans are typical of stand up showers and allow for the contour that allows the shower to drain.

Step 1: Identify Your Cracks

When your marble shower pan has started to leak you're going to want to find out where your leaks are actually coming from. Use your magnifying glass and find out exactly where your cracks are. These are typically hair line cracks but can possibly be bigger, regardless they will typically be too small to work with.

Step 2: Widen the Crack

This may seem counter intuitive, but small hairline cracks can be difficult to work with. Take the your flat head screw driver and widen the cracks enough to work with, but be sure not to make them too wide or else you'll end up having to replace your shower pan rather than fix it. You want these cracks to be wide enough to place your adhesive in but not so wide that the adhesive alone can't fix it.

Step 3: Use Yur Eco-Bond

After you've widened your cracks enough to work with but not too wide for adhesives it's time to use your eco-bond adhesive. This adhesive is water based and environmentally friendly unlike most other adhesives out there, that have various chemicals in them that make them non bio degradable and hazardous to the environment around them. Eco-bond was specially formulated with the environment in mind. Take your eco-bond and place it inside each of the cracks that you widened. After that use your butter knife to scrape off any excess adhesive. After you've done this

Step 4: Paint It

Once you've waited for your adhesive to dry it's time to paint it to match. Make sure that you have the correct color or else your shower is going to look off balance and tacky. Make sure that you have good lighting to check the color of your pan, because if you go out without having checked your color you stand the risk of bringing home a paint that doesn't match. When you paint it make sure to use a thin even coat.

Step 5: Touch It Up

After you've let your paint dry check it again for any spots that you may have missed. If so, just do a simple touch up and let it dry again. Make sure that your coats are even. Otherwise, you'll have an unsightly overlap. Finally wait for your touch-ups to dry and make sure that the paint job is even once it's dry. You have just fixed your marble shower pan without causing any harm to the environment.