Going Green: How to Install an Undermount Sink Going Green: How to Install an Undermount Sink

Installing an undermount sink can be a very frustrating and intimidating home improvement project for home owners. This is because it can be costly and sometimes you can do more damage than good when trying to install a sink. However, this does not have to be the beginning of a disaster, because you can get prepared and with a few tips and tools you can save lots of money by installing that undermount sink all on your own. Just remember to be patient, and that preparation can take anybody a long way.

Tools and materials needed:

· Clips
· Sink
· Grip
· Epoxy
· Caulking
· Drill
· Clamps
· P-trap
· S-trap
· Screw driver

Step 1. Adhering the Sink to the Top Surface

Most undermount sinks have a clip made out of metal that is used to fasten the sink, and attach it to the counter top. There are two ways you can achieve this. You can screw the clips, or you can use epoxy to glue them on so they can stay in place. Make sure to use enough clips to support the whole weight of the sink when it is in use. You need to use the clips provided by the manufacturer and give the clips enough space in order to better distribute the weight.

Step 2.  Making Sure the Sink is the Right Size

Using a beam and clamps, you can hold the sink and see if it is a proper fit with the cabinet top. If the counter top and the sink are not a proper fit, you can use an electric saw to cut the counter top to size. Once everything is in place, you can use clamps to hold the sink in place.

Step 3.- Installing the Clips to Keep the Sink in Place

Make sure you install a good number of clips to ensure that the sink will stay in place. The clips need to have epoxy and silicon in order to remain in place. You need to go under the sink in order to install the clips. Keep the clamps and the beam in order to provide support and to keep the sink from falling while the silicon and epoxy cures. In order to properly install the clips, you need to drill a hole on the counter top surface. Then, you need to place the screw that comes with the clip and also fasten the mounting bolt.

Step 4.- Sealing the Sink to Prevent Leaks

Once you have fastened the clips, you need to attach the counter top to the sink using caulking. Along the separation line or the gaps around these two add caulking or silicone, as this will keep the sink from moving and will ensure that everything is in place.

Step 5.- Attaching S-traps and P-traps

The P and the S traps need to be properly attached using plumber's tape and screws. Also the drain needs to be attached.



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