Going Green: How to Remove an Old Copper Sink Going Green: How to Remove an Old Copper Sink

What You'll Need
Adjustable Wrench
Putty Knife

Removing an old copper bathroom sink does not need to involve the help of a plumber. Actually, this task is quite easy as long as one takes the necessary preparations before starting to detach the sink from the countertop. An old copper bathroom sink may need to be removed from the bathroom if it is no longer fashionable, has a lot of damages or simply because a new sink with better features is to be installed as a replacement. Here is how it can be done.

Step 1 – Examining the Entire Sink

Removing an old copper bathroom sink should not be done hastily to avoid committing any mistakes or causing damage to the plumbing. Make sure to examine how the sink was installed on the countertop. Inspect under the sink to check what mounting hardware was used. See if there are mounting clips installed, a sink support, a garbage disposal bin, and other additional installations that need to be removed.

Step 2 – Preparation

Prepare the necessary tools needed to loosen screws and mounting hardware. Turn off the entire water supply that goes to the bathroom. If not possible, shut down the entire water supply for the home.

Step 3 – Detaching Faucets, Garbage Bins, and Plumbing

Start by removing the P-trap or drainage pipe under the sink. Use an adjustable wrench or a similar tool for this task. Make sure to get a bucket under the trap to catch water. If the sink has a garbage disposal attached, remove this part as well.

The next step involves removing the faucets. Start by detaching the water supply pipes from underneath the sink. Detach the entire faucet from the sink as well by carefully loosening all nuts and other mounting hardware on the faucet. When the entire faucet is removed, a more comfortable working space will be available. Proceed with the removal of the sink from the countertop.

Step 4 – Removing the Old Sink

Check the underside of the sink and determine how the mounting clips or mounting hardware can be detached. One by one, loosen and remove the clips from the underside. If the sink is undermount, make sure to have a support in place to avoid having the sink drop accidentally. Make sure that all mounting hardware is removed totally.

Notice that the countertop and the sink may have been sealed with silicone, plumber’s putty or caulk. To dislodge the copper bathroom sink from the countertop successfully, cut the seal using a utility knife. Run the utility knife between the rim of the sink and the countertop and work the knife around. This should loosen the connection. Try to move the sink upwards to remove it from its position. If the sink does not budge, use a pry bar or a screwdriver as a lever. Remove the sink and scrape the silicone or the caulk with a putty knife.

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