Going Green: How to Reseal a Shower Wall

What You'll Need
Soap and Water
Thermal Grout
Putty Knife

Once you have gone green, even small problems such as fixing a leaking shower wall can seem like tremendous problem. The traditional method of solving this problem is by using grout, which is often regarded as environmentally unsafe. If you want to reseal your shower wall, then you will have to either risk using a very small amount of white cement grout, or try fixing it using an environmentally friendly product such as thermal grout.

Step 1 - Clean the Shower Wall

Before you start applying your grout, you need to clean off the shower wall with a little bit of water and some environmentally friendly soap. Cleaning it ensures that there will be no dirt caught up in the grout, which can inhibit a good seal.

Step 2 - Apply Grout

Ensure that your shower wall is completely dry, and then use your putty knife to apply a little of the thermal grout to the shower wall. This grout is designed to be used in geothermal heaters, and is non-toxic. A little bit of this grout should be enough to protect your wall.

Step 3 - Remove Excess

You can clean away the excess grout from the shower wall using your sponge. Leave to dry.