Going Green: Looking for Toxins in Your Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner Going Green: Looking for Toxins in Your Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner

Choosing a good laminate wood floor cleaner is very important to the life of the floor covering. Laminate wood floor is much different than other types of flooring. Laminates are put together with different layers of thin pieces of wood, paper, and resin to hold it all together. Laminate wood flooring is available in a wide range of different woods, ranging from cherry, oak, bamboo, and exotic woods like teak. 

Laminate Wood Flooring Problems

One of the problems that is associated with the laminate flooring itself is that the resin can be toxic to pets and small children. Many homeowners like to use the laminate flooring, as it is cheaper than hardwood. However, they can eventually harm pets you have in the home. Keeping the laminate floor sealed with a strong sealant will prevent any problems with harmful gas emissions. Another problem with the laminate flooring is the actual cleaners that are used.

Non Toxic Cleaners

Laminate wood floor cleaners need to be strong enough to cut through the dirt and stains on the floor while not eating through the sealer, or emitting toxins of their own. Choosing the laminate wood floor cleaners that you can use safely should be a priority when you have small children, respiratory problems, or pets. 

Some Toxins Are Not Labeled

When purchasing a laminate wood floor cleaner, it is normal to look at the label to have a look at the different types of chemicals and substances that are used in the manufacturing. However, some of the toxins that are included are not on the label of the product. This is mostly because of proprietary reasons to keep their own trade secrets. It is important to realize the different toxins that can be found in the cleaner before you use them.

Airborne Toxins Are More Problematic

The different toxins that are listed on the label are mostly going to be of the ingested kind. The problem with this is that 90% of the hospitalizations are from children who inhale, or absorb, the toxins. This means that they are released through the air, or are absorbed into their skin. 

Looking for Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner Toxins

Cleaners that have a very strong odor, something like bleach or ammonia, are going to contain toxic substances. Make sure to smell the cleaner before purchasing. Some toxins will also change the color of the product that it is used on. Use a small amount on a corner of the room to make sure that there is no discoloration. Another key element to a toxin is the way that it dries. Look for a thin film on the floor. This can mean that the acids have dried to a powdery substance. This substance absorbs into clothing and skin. 

Use Organic Cleaners 

Instead of purchasing commercial brands of laminate wood floor cleaners, you should use some organic cleaners. A simple combination of white vinegar and water is a strong cleaner that cuts through dirt and stains. This cleaner will also keep the sealant intact so there is no worry about the toxin from the resins. 

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