Going Green: Making Your Old Utility Sink New Again Going Green: Making Your Old Utility Sink New Again

There are so many uses to which you can put your old utility sink that there is really no need to throw it away or destroy it. Recycle it instead. Use it for your own purposes, because there are so many. Below you will find opportunities for your utility sink. First, however, you will want to do some heavy cleaning. Utility sinks tend to accumulate lime, rust, calcium, and just plain old dirt and debris. Thoroughly clean the sink before you begin using it again. In addition to the major purposes to which utility sinks are generally put—washing, cleaning up after garage projects—creative uses abound.


Believe it or not, many homeowners today are using utility sinks in their kitchens. If you have a large family, or host large gatherings, the generous proportions of a utility sink make it a great place to prep food, and afterwords you can use it for soaking those stubborn pots and pans you used to create that magical dinner.

Arts and Crafts

Another great idea for your utility sink is to use it for arts and crafts. If you've decided to paint for the day, it's a great place to rinse out your brushes. It's also a great idea to hang a small rope right above the utility sink and attach those recently painted pictures with clothes pins. The utility sink is big enough to catch all the drips from all of the paintings.


If you are a pet owner, it probably comes as no surprise to you, when it's said that bathing a dog or cat can be tough work. The kitchen or bathroom sink isn't big enough, and the drain in the shower would be plugged in no time. It's tough when you do it outside, because animals like to run.

Try bathing your pet in a utility sink. It's big enough for most small- to medium-sized pets. It also contains a great drain and plumbing system, so it takes a bit more to clog. The best part is that your pet is still contained, and can't run away from you. The worst you would have to worry about is the dry-off shake, when you become the receiver of an unwanted shower, and not the giver.

Get Together

A utility sink is a great and creative way to make your party or get together fun. Use it for an icebox. You can even line the inside with something fun, and then fill it with ice. It will keep your guests drinks cool all night long.

There you have it. Now, some utility sinks aren't beautiful, but they can be made to look that way. Just put some thinking into it, and have fun with it.

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