Going Green: Natural Carpet Options Going Green: Natural Carpet Options

For individuals concerned about ecologically friendly home décor and construction, choosing a natural carpet can be an excellent option. There are several different kinds of natural fiber carpets available on the market today.

Wool Carpets
Wool has been used for carpets for centuries. Natural wool rugs are soft underfoot and can be extremely beautiful. Beyond finding carpets that are constructed from natural wool, it is also possible to find these carpets that use natural vegetable dyes for a completely natural and eco-friendly floor covering.

Sisal Carpets
Sisal is a natural grass fiber that is woven into strands that are used to create carpets and rugs. Sisal can be especially attractive as an ecologically friendly floor covering because it is a widely available and sustainable material. Sisal rugs are available in naturally dyed colors, ranging from dark browns to soft yellows. They are commonly used in both indoor and outdoor locations and are easy to care for, requiring only a light vacuuming.

Seagrass Carpets
Another popular natural fiber carpet option is seagrass. Similar to sisal, seagrass is a widely abundant and sustainable natural fiber material that is harvested and woven into strands that are used to construct carpets and rugs. These floor coverings are very easy to care for and very comfortable to walk across, even on bare feet.

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