Going Green: Places to Buy Used Bathroom Fixtures

Recycling bathroom fixtures is a great way to help the environment by keeping used fixtures out of landfills. It is also good to buy used fixtures, since new fixtures can be very expensive. It can be difficult to find fixtures that are still usable, but here is a collection of approved destinations, where finding a bathroom fixture can be a breeze. 


The Goodwill store is a great destination to purchase any type of used items for a low price. Goodwill is an organization that accepts donations from locals, and resells almost any household item for a low price. This helps the community greatly. Bathroom fixtures can be found here if you look hard enough, and return frequently, since Goodwill is always accepting new donations daily. 

Flea Market

Flea markets are popular for having a lot of stuff that most conventional stores do not have. They are adored by people who enjoy looking at everything, as you never know what you are going to find. There are many different stands, or tents, that varry from food, to construction tools. Bathroom fixtures are sold often at flea markets, and can be bought cheap. Flea markets are famous for bartering or trading, so if you have anything to trade in, here would be a good place to trade it in.