Going Green: Recycling Your Old Garbage Disposal

Is it possible to recycle your old garbage disposal? Absolutely! Although, as garbage disposals are mostly metal, it's better to think salvage rather than the landfill. If it still works, you can clean it up well and use it to grind fruit for pressing, smoothies and healthy recipes. To use it in this way you would simply mount it in the sink with a large bucket underneath to catch the fruit.

What about Recycling Garbage?

Visit your city’s website and make a list of materials that can be recycled. Some consider cans and glass recyclable but not plastic, while others take certain kinds of plastic and glass. Select a spot to store the recyclable waste. You can purchase easy-to-open, stackable recycling bins from any home stores. Place the recyclable can next to the general disposal bin under your kitchen sink. If remodeling you home, then build space for recyclables into cabinet drawers. 

Reduce, Reuse

Reduce the amount of garbage you generate. Purchase products which are either free of packaging or consume little of it. Purchase reusable products like rechargeable batteries and invest in one general housecleaning product instead of multiple products fulfilling different purposes.

Think carefully before you toss garbage. Take used motor oil, old tires, fluids and antifreeze cans to the local gas station or an auto wrecker for recycling.