Going Green: When to Replace Your Old Utility Sink Going Green: When to Replace Your Old Utility Sink

A utility sink makes it easier to do common chores because of its depth and waist high level that prevents strains and discomforts on the back. This durable piece of equipment can be used for heavy-duty cleaning. However, as with all kinds of home equipment, a time will come when you have to replace it.

Leaking Utility Sink

Because of its function, utility sinks gather more grease, dirt and grime than the common sink. Hence, it is more prone to damage. The metal that is used for the sink will thin out from repeated scrubbing and when small holes start to appear, it means that the metal is so thin you will have to replace the sink.

Damaged Drain Traps

Utility sinks typically come with drain traps that must be unclogged regularly to prevent the sink from being flooded and from producing a nasty odor. If the drain trap is an integral part of the sink and it sustains permanent damaged, you will have to replace the whole sink. 

Changing Sink Type

Many utility sinks look utilitarian and if you are going to upgrade your home, this style might look out of place. Hence you need to replace it with a style that would fit in with the rest of your decoration or dispose it all together. However, because of the usefulness provided by the sink it might be better to choose a better design instead. A lot of designs are now available on the market that will blend in with any home style that you prefer.

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