Gonzo Odor Eliminators are sold through The Home Depot and other stores. These products are designed to remove odors from places such as bathrooms and kitchens. The eliminators work well in closed rooms, that have an area of up to 300 square feet.

How Gonzo Works

Gonzo is made of odorless nontoxic volcanic crystals. These crystals act as adsorbents—when they come in contact with particles in the air that create odor, they attract those particles. Thus, because the offensive particles are removed from the environment, the environment becomes cleaner and odor-free.

Since the Gonzo particles don’t introduce anything into the environment, but rather take undesirable particles away from the environment, this product is entirely environmentally-friendly. Rather than pollute, it takes away polluting particles from the environment.

Basic Product Information

Gonzo is available in packs containing different numbers of crystal bags. The price is in the vicinity of $6 per bag, but the way they are packed and sold affects the price. The cost-effectiveness of the product is increased due to the fact that the crystals are rechargeable. To recharge them, they just need to be kept in the sun for about 6 hours and they become as good as new, capable of attracting and removing more undesirable elements from your environment.