Good Low-Maintenance Office Plants Good Low-Maintenance Office Plants

Good office plants are a vital feature in office décor. Plants are easy on the eyes and refresh you in the course of work. This makes them a healthy addition to the workspace. The fresh and vibrant appeal of plants also helps to create a welcoming office. The right plants will do a lot to boost the image of your office. A virtually unlimited selection of office plants is available on the market. They vary in style, cost and maintenance needs. Below are some good options for low maintenance, attractive office plants.

Jade Plant

It is one of the popular succulents found in offices. This plant has vibrant, succulent green leaves with an attractive shine. Soils must be well drained and well watered. However, it is best to let soils dry between water applications. Less water is required in the cooler months. This prevents leaf drop and rot. The Jade plant tolerates moderate to bright degrees of light. It is one of the most hardy office plants and can grow for several years.

Peace Lily

Blooms for this popular office plant are a refreshing creamy white color although fragrance-free. The flowers start out as pale green but end up as creamy white. The Peace Lilly does well in semi-sunny and semi-shaded areas. It usually attains a height of 2 feet when mature then stops upward growth. However, the plant will spread and proliferate in its pot. Keep the soils moist at all times but not saturated. Dry soils will reflect in the leaves which will loose their luster. It is a hardy plant that thrives in low-light areas.

Snake Plant

This is also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. The plant has heavy leaves that resemble swords. These extend vertically in a mass from the flower pot. The plant needs to be watered thoroughly once every 7 to 10 days. It is best to allow soils to dry before you water again. Excessive moisture will cause the foliage to droop. However, inadequate moisture will cause foliage to wrinkle or bend. The plant usually grows to a height of 4 feet. It is one of the most hardy office plants that can withstand drought for prolonged periods. The plant will thrive practically anywhere except where there is total darkness. Snake plants tolerate various degrees of light.


These are amongst the most popular office plants. They grow to various heights, from 2 feet up to 15 feet. Some varieties have wide, dark green leaves. Other varieties have narrow leaves with a red or purple stripe along the edge. Various plant stalks can be grown in one pot to give a fuller, more attractive appearance. They tolerate a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. You can water the plant once a week. Apply a water soluble fertilizer in the spring.

Aloe Vera

It resembles a cactus. It has succulent light green leaves that release a gel when cut. The gel is a handy aid for cuts, sunburns or insect bites. If you want an office plant that requires to be watered infrequently, Aloe Vera is a good choice. This succulent requires to be watered just once every 2 weeks. This hardy succulent can stretch comfortably for 3 weeks without water. The plant tolerates moderate to bright light conditions.

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