Gooseneck Desk Lamp Repair Solutions

If you need to repair a gooseneck desk lamp, there are a variety of solutions that may work for you. However, it's good to remember that sometimes a lamp cannot be repaired, and must be replaced.

Start Simple

The very simplest repair on the gooseneck desk lamp is changing the light bulb. Although it seems obvious, sometimes it is overlooked as a solution. If your lamp won’t light, then try replacing the bulb first.

Many gooseneck lamps use specialty bulbs of unique sizes and wattage, so take the old bulb with you to the store to purchase a new one. Keep in mind that a single specialty bulb may cost as much as $3 to $5.

Repairing a Clamp Lamp

There are a variety of gooseneck desk lamps, and these may affect the kinds of repairs you can do.

There are clamp lamps that are spring loaded or twisted. Sometimes the clamps lose their springs or break, and this means they are no longer useable, even though the electrical elements are perfectly fine.

In this case, you can form a simple stand out of wood scraps, prime and paint it a complementary color, and still have a great, adjustable lamp for your office or bedroom. Use a large drill to make a hole in the wood for the cord to extend out of the base. If you can remove the clamp without damaging the wiring, that may be a good idea, but you want to leave at least a small portion of the clamp so there is something to hold the lamp into the wood.

Make the stand with two pieces of 2 x 4 or similar wood, cut to accommodate the lamp, sanded and finished. Use a metal plate on the bottom for weight.

Check the Wiring

Often a simple repair of the plug or cord or light socket could get your gooseneck desk lamp functional again.

If the cord is frayed or cut in any way, there could be a poor connection. Open the base of the lamp and cut the wire, leaving several inches to work with. Separate the wires, and strip the ends of the old wire about ½ inch.

Divide and strip the ends of the new cords as well. Twist the new ends carefully onto the old and secure well with electrical tape, electrical nuts or both. Tuck the new cord carefully into the base and replace the base.

A plug can be replaced in much the same way if it is broken, bent or cracked. That may be causing the problem in the lamp.
Switches and sockets are also sometimes the causes of electrical malfunctions. Replacing the switch on a gooseneck desk lamp is no more involved than replacing the cord, and may provide you with the equivalent of a new lamp.

New Shade Ideas

If the problem with your gooseneck desk lamp is the shade being broken or cracked, there are several creative solutions you can use to remedy the situation.

If you are able to remove the bulb and then remove the shade, do so. Find a decorative craft box (they come in a variety of sizes and shapes) cut a hole for the lamp in the bottom, and replace the shade. Otherwise, use decoupage or other decorative techniques to cover and recreate the cracked or broken shade.