Got a Kitchen to Remodel? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Got a Kitchen to Remodel? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

A kitchen remodel can be a daunting task. Most modern new-builds have kitchens laid out in a particular manner in order to maximize space. Planning a kitchen remodel in a newer house can therefore actually reduce the amount of usable space you have. Before starting serious renovation like a kitchen remodel, ask yourself and honestly answer the following.

Can I Afford It?

A full kitchen remodel is a costly experiment. Fitted kitchens cost thousands of dollars, and having someone else design or build your kitchen will also increase those costs. Consider whether you can meet the expense, how much work you are personally committed to doing to offset that expense, and what you are going to do if you can't afford it.

You might want to add plus points to this decision: Do you know plumbers or home builders who are willing to assist you for a reduced rate? Can you get your appliances or counters from a building suppliers, rather than from a store? Before you spend all of your lifesavings on shiny kitchen cabinets, could you sand and repaint the ones you already have?

Do I Have Any Ideas?

Set out your own kitchen plans before you go into a store, or before buying any kitchen furniture. Plan the look of the kitchen: U shaped? L shaped? and then see if you can find cabinets to fit that. Once you have an idea, you might be surprised how quickly other inspiration follows behind.

Am I Organized?

Redoing an entire kitchen can take up a lot of time; don't allow your kitchen remodel to become a big stress in your life, otherwise you may find yourself accepting shoddy work just to get the kitchen finished. Set out a timetable of events: when you want the floor laid by, when you would like the cabinets to be fitted, when you plan for the sink and dishwasher to be added. If you have contractors in, show them this agreement and make sure they stick to it.

Why Am I Doing This?

Consider why you would like your kitchen remodel. Some people think that a brand new kitchen will improve the value of the house, but this is only true when the kitchen remodel actually improves the kitchen: making the place tighter and less spacious won't do much for the value of the property.

You should also ask yourself whether you have the skills to complete the job, or whether you will need to take on someone to help you with the long-term aspects of doing the kitchen remodel; you can plan the colors of the cabinets while they get on with the grunt work of putting together the granite counter-tops. Of course you will have to factor this expense into the costs.

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