Care for Granite Countertops

Unlike marble, granite is a relatively hard, non-porous, natural stone. It is relatively unaffected by most chemicals. However, I would not recommend harsh, caustic chemicals on it. Instead, I would clean your counters with a neutral, mild, vegetable oil-based cleaners such as our "Murphy's Oil Soap®." Synthetic scrubbing pads can be used on these surfaces. If any question arises as to what to use, test cleaning products on an inconspicuous area before cleaning visible areas.

Clean as often as needed keep grime and sand removed. Soil acts as an abrasive and damages the floor. Wet mop the solution onto the floor, and allow the solution to remain several minutes. Then mop up the dirt-filled solution, changing rinse water often. This helps to remove all soil and also does away with unsightly "mop lines." Keep the floor wet at all times during the cleaning operation. Otherwise, dissolved soil dries back onto the floor. When the floor is dry, buff with an electric polishing machine, if you have one. Buffing helps restore the natural sheen on the floor.

To remove stubborn soil, periodically use an electric scrubbing machine with a stronger solution of the neutral cleaner. Daily sweeping or dusting will mean easier weekly care and more attractive floors.

This article has been contributed in part by Michigan State University Extension