Granite Countertop Colors Granite Countertop Colors

Black is the most common granite countertop color. This has led to the perception that genuine granite is always black. However, there is a comprehensive range of granite countertop colors to choose from for your home.

Granite is an igneous rock that is it is formed by solidification of molten magma, consisting mainly of quartz and feldspars, a group of crystalline minerals. The color of the prevailing feldspars and streaks of various minerals determines the color of granite and its elegant and shiny look.

Granite is millions of years old and is mined from different geographical locations all over the world. Because there is a vast difference in the minerals from which it is formed, there is a wide range of colors in granite.

Granite countertop colors includes black, gray, yellow, pink, golden, cream, mixed, white, blue, purple, red, and mixed.

When you are purchasing granite countertop colors, do not be fooled by imposter materials. Gneiss is a laminated metamorphic rock very similar to granite and it is often passed off by unscrupulous businesses as real granite.




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