Granite Sealer Ingredients Safe for Children and Pets Granite Sealer Ingredients Safe for Children and Pets

Is your granite sealer safe to be around your children and pets? Granite, being a natural stone, possesses excellent chemical stabilities and mechanical strength. However, if the stone surface is not protected by sealer, it is prone to absorb oil, grease and water, thus compromising its luster and health of human beings since microbes will grow in there too. Sealers manufactured from hydrocarbon polymers repel water, but not oil or grease. To ensure the oil has a repellent nature, fluorinated sealers are required. Fluorinated sealers ingredients can be broadly classified as perfluorinated and non-perfluorinated.

Types of Sealers Available

For protecting the granite surface from stains and leave its color and surface unchanged, impregnating sealer is applied.

If the granite stone surface is flamed or brushed, topical sealer can be applied to enhance the natural colors. Topical sealers, available as matte or gloss finish; deepens the stone’s color while adding a second layer of protection. However, they are likely to wear off faster than impregnating sealers and require more frequent applications.

Children and Pet-friendly Sealers

Granite sealers are either made from perfluorinated surfactants or hydrocarbon polymers in combination with perfluorinated surfactants. These products prevail in the market because the ingredients used are water soluble and are safe around children and pets.  

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