Granny Flat Construction Tips Granny Flat Construction Tips

Subdivided apartments of a home, sometimes called Granny Flats, or Mother-in-Laws homes, are an easy way to utilize unused space to make living space for guests. A granny flat typically has its own bathroom, and a kitchenette. Unless you have a fair amount of construction experience, you will need to contact a local licensed contractor to do the bulk of the work.

You will also need to check local construction codes prior to changing your garage into a granny flat, or putting on an addition to your existing home.

Check your house plan, and see if you can easily re-route plumbing and electrical piping to the area that you are going change into an additional living space. A blueprint of your home should show where the utilities are run through the walls, if you don't have a blueprint, you will need to open up holes in the wall in order to find just where everything is going. Sometimes, it is actually easier to demo and remove all of the existing walls that will be effected during construction

When it comes to insulation, don't skimp! Go with the heaviest wall batting you can get, as you want the separate living quarters to be as quiet as possible. A very good solution is to use blown in insulation, this can be installed after the new walls are up saving you a lot of time.

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