Gravel Path Edging: Tips for Installing Bricks or Pavers


When installing bricks or pavers into a gravel path edging design a few simple steps should be followed in order to prevent problems while setting them in place. Before beginning this project, if the edging is not already in place, use spray paint to lay out the entire area, dig out the space to the proper depth, and install the edging materials. 

Install Gravel 

Before laying the bricks or pavers into place, a bed of gravel needs to be evenly spread out along the pathway. After the gravel has been leveled add sand over the top of it and tap it down with a piece of wood, or a compactor, that can be rented at any local rental agency. Just keep in mind that the more solid the foundation is, the more solid that the bricks or pavers will be.

Offset the Outer Edges

When installing the outer edges of the pathway make sure that the last row of bricks or pavers are placed perpendicular to the basic design of the path. Even though this appears to be a choice in design, it is actually a way to increase the strength of the pathway by ensuring that the center bricks or pavers do not move when they are walked on.

Make Sure the Path is Tight

The final tip that needs to be evaluated is the tightness of the bricks and pavers. Make sure that as you lay the bricks or pavers that they are tightly against the edging, and against the surrounding bricks or pavers. The tighter that the path is, the less likely it is that movement will occur during everyday usage.