Gravel Path vs Paved Path Gravel Path vs Paved Path

A gravel path is an attractive characteristic to add to your front or back garden. Curb appeal is a vitally important factor in the appearance of your home and a nice sculptured lawn with a pathway to the front door is a pleasing feature.

Why Gravel?

Gravel has a certain quality to it which is easy to maintain. It is also loose, which is very handy if you like to rake it even once in a while, to make sure it covers the pathway correctly and evenly. Foot steps on gravel also can be an advantage if you like to hear visitors approaching your door. Gravel is available in many types of grain and color too, so it is incredibly flexible in its uses and styles.

Gravel Versus Paved

Paved path ways are also extremely pretty but far more expensive. It takes the use of brick or block work and sand or cement to set them in place. They are better for drive ways, unless you have excess blocks left over that you wish to utilize. Compared with gravel, paved pathways are just as attractive but more quiet. Gravel can also be bought to replace the existing gravel surface if any need replenishing, whereas paved path ways will require extensive repair work.

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