Great Deck Ideas for a Homeowner Great Deck Ideas for a Homeowner

A good deck idea can completely alter the appearance of your garden. If you are designing a new deck for your home, treat it like another room in the house. Make it part of the décor and a fine addition to the outside. A deck doesn’t have to just be a flat wooden seating area with a small table and chairs. It can transform your outdoor experience. Offer up a little of your own personality. Design it with warmth and loving care.

Multi Level

Your new deck does not have to be one level. You could build the initial level, which leads from your house to be flush, or one step down but once you get away from the house you can opt for a multi room design. If you have the space to work with you can create an outdoor seating area which can b e sectioned off. Rails and choice of wood can be of classic design or contemporary. Teak wood is excellent for outdoor use, as is oak.

Outdoor House

Plan your space to look like an outdoor house. If you have an electric awning you can incorporate that into your design so that the sun is shading one part of the deck to keep it cooler. Patio decorations and furniture make homely additions to the outside seating and dining area. Your rooms do not even have to be square or rectangle. You can make them hexagonal and interlocking or separated by a small railed walkway. There really is no end to what your imagination can come up with.

One Style

Here is a suggestion if you are still stuck for ideas. Your deck will probably be attached to the back of your home and access will be via patio doors. When you open the patio doors to step out onto your deck, have one small reception area, like you would with a home. That area can be covered with an automated awning system which will shade it when needed. Depending if your garden goes to the left or the right you can construct a short walkway which can lead into another ‘room’ for the purpose of dining and from that, you can have yet another small seating room which can be used as a lounge or car area. Of course this all depends on how much space you have to play with and you may not have enough to construct such an elaborate plan.

Smaller Areas

If you are indeed working with a smaller area you can still adopt a two-room style decking with a step down or up toward the next room. What you place in it is up to you, but some ideas would be palm tree plants in pots, a patio heater, a BBQ area, a dining table and chairs. It can have a tropical appearance like a hotel in the Bahamas or it can be a homely area. Take accurate measurements of your intended space. If you can have a raised deck space there is no reason why you can’t construct a small stream with a water feature below it. Or perhaps you can build a bridge between the first ‘room’ and the second. Have some fish in the stream to make it look more natural.

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