Great Garden Border Ideas for the Southeast Great Garden Border Ideas for the Southeast

The southeastern United States offers many excellent options for garden borders, and there are plenty of perennial or plant options to choose from. However, if you want your garden borders to be beautiful all year round, then you need to consider the particular challenges that living in the south east will provide.

While the southeast is much more humid than the southwest, it still gets very hot during the summer. While you may be tempted to plant only plants are perennials that thrive in the sun, you should consider the fact that there are occasional frosts and heavy rains that can destroy your hard work.

The Simplest Garden Border Solution

While there are many beautiful types of perennials and plants that will work well in the southeast, some of the most beautiful garden borders don't use perennials, plants or shrubbery at all. In fact all over the southeastern United States, you will find garden borders made from riverbed rock, railway ties, river driftwood and some are even decorated with short white picket fences. These types of garden borders require little or no maintenance and usually will withstand any type of weather.

More Traditional Garden Borders

However, if you want to create a more traditional garden border that makes use of perennials or plants, then you will need to carefully consider the types of perennials are plants that you wish to use. While many plants and flowers will thrive and grow in the southeast, some do much better than others at blooming are flowering throughout the year. Here are some great garden border choices for southeastern perennials and plants:


Though the flowering season of the peony is not as long as some perennials, it is still an excellent perennial for flower beds and garden borders. These flowers smell wonderful and are always a favorite for cut flowers. When cut, they emit a wonderful fragrance and are great for table bouquets. Peonies only require about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight on average; therefore, the occasional overcast sky or a shade tree won't really hurt it. Peonies can be slow starters, but they have been known to live - up to 100 years.


The Coreopsis is very easy to grow and does well all year long. They bloom from early summer all the way into late fall; therefore they are a great choice for garden borders. With a striking sunshine yellow type color, it provides stark contrast to other perennials and plants in your border. They're very easy to maintain, and even do particularly well in dry soil - when other perennials will not. The Coreopsis multiplies fast; therefore, you may need to divide them every couple of seasons or so.


Unlike most other perennials, the Helleborus’s flowering season is from late winter to early spring - that's what makes it perfect for your garden borders. While your other perennials are dormant, or not flowering, the Helleborus will be in full bloom. Their striking red color will contrast well with green or golden shrubbery, and makes excellent groundcover. In addition, hummingbirds and butterflies love these.


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