Great Green Ideas for Holiday Parties

It's time to start thinking about holiday parties, but something you may not have considered is having a green party. There are many creative ideas for having a green party and still being creative and festive.


Save trees, resources, time and money by skipping paper invitations and postage. You'll even help improve the environment by reducing the use of vehicles that deliver mail. Send your invitations via email. You can do a simple email stating the place, time, who is hosting and other information or you can step it up a bit by adding a bit of clip art. There are many internet sites that offer free clip art for various occasions and holidays. You can also download a picture of your home, family or perhaps last years Christmas tree. Be creative. You can also add a sound clip that you have recorded yourself, or a few seconds of your favorite holiday song. Your invitations can be one of a kind. Be sure to mention your party is 'green' and if its a share a dish or BYOB event you hope they will observe this.


There are many ways to go green when thinking about decorations. Skip the paper streamers and other throw away decorations from your local party store. Look around your house and take inventory of what you already have that can be re used or re-purposed. For instance, use an old quilt or draperies for a tablecloth. Use small mirrors to sit candles on to reflect light and give more sparkle. Empty wine bottles and glass jugs make interesting candle holders. Be sure to use soy or bees wax candles in these holders, perhaps from a local producer.

If it is a Christmas party, go for a walk in a local park or woods and gather pine cones, seed pods and other easy to find naturals to use in your decor. Many Christmas tree lots will give you branches cut from the bottom of trees for free. Make your own holiday tree part of the decorations also. If using lights, be sure they are low voltage LED types. Put greenery, cones, nuts and berries in baskets you already have. Use houseplants you may already have. If you purchase plants, give them as gifts at the end of the evening.

You may even survey a friend or neighbors home for things they might let you use. Be frugal and use what you have instead of spending money.

Dishes and Glassware

At the thought of a party most people immediately think of heading to their local store for plates, cups, napkins and silverware. Use the dishes you have already and borrow what you need from friends or relatives. If this isn't possible you can always rent these items. If you feel you must use paper cups, be sure they're made of recycled paper and be sure to put each guests name on their cup so it can be reused. Have a trash can just for these cups so they can be recycled at the end of the party.