Great Ideas for Using Space under Your Wall Mounted Sink

A wall mounted sink leaves space open to the eye, so it’s difficult to make use of it. Nonetheless, you need all the space you can get. Here are some ideas how to use this space.

Trash It

You have to put that bathroom trash somewhere, why not here? It’s out of the way and not as obvious to the casual observer.

Stash It 

Keeping toilet paper and other bathroom necessities within reach is important, but without a vanity they look messy under the sink. Keeping them in attractive storage containers allows for functionality without the mess.

Potty for Two

Small space living can be especially cramped if you have pets. If you don’t have a spare room to keep their litter, the bathroom may be your only choice. Hiding a litter under your wall mounted sink can work well if you hide it with an attractive skirt. That way, both you and your pet can have privacy. 

A Leg up

When you have kids, the space under a wall mounted sink can be especially convenient for keeping a fun and functional step stool to help your little one reach the sink. Slide it under and out as needed.