Great Places for Your Next River Canoe Trip Great Places for Your Next River Canoe Trip

If you're planning your next River Canoe Trip you’ve come to the right place. You may be planning a trip on your own or with friends or family. This guide tells you about some of the great places you can explore on your next trip, whether you are looking to take your children or planning a little adventure for yourself.

River Trips Suitable For Young Family

Missouri’s Ozark National River Trail is perfect for a family canoe trip, in particular the river of Jacks Fork is ideal. The river itself in this area has a slow current and plenty of facilities along the way for equipment, food and accommodation if you are looking for lodgings.

For a more rural family trip, the Elk River in Tennessee is clean and clear with excellent camping grounds and cycling trails along the shores. It is also a popular location for bass anglers. The river itself is calm enough for inexperienced canoeists and younger members of the family. There are also plenty of camping facilities nearby.

River Trips Suitable For Older Children

The Lower Platte River in Michigan has waters perfect for a family river trip, although it can get busy during the summer months. The river meanders through the National Lakeshore Park and the Sleeping Bear Dunes, which are stunning. It comes out onto the Lake Michigan Beach with its stunning yellow sands.  The upper section of the Platte River however would suit more experienced canoeists with good stretches of rapids.

In the grand state of New Hampshire runs the Saco River, in the area of Conway. This is highly popular during the summer months for family canoe trips. Many of the campsites in the area will offer shuttle buses to the river shores for your canoe trip and also have good facilities for showering and laundry. Bear in mind however due to the weather, the Saco River isn’t suitable for a family trip from October onwards.

Rivers for More Experienced Canoeists

The Batten Kill River that runs through Vermont is superb for canoeists who are more experienced. The scenery through Vermont is not to be missed, with beautiful countryside, lush woodlands and impressive mountains. The Batten Kill has both stretches of challenging rapids and calm waters with swimming holes that run for around 40 miles before the Batten Kill eventually meets the Hudson River .

In Newfoundland, Canada, the Lloyds River passes through some wonderful scenery. The river has sections of lively water combined with calmer forest lined sections. There are plenty of inns along the way.

Legendary Rivers of America 

Finally it wouldn’t be right to talk about river canoe trips without mentioning the Shenandoah River of Virginia. This flowing mountain river has stretches of white water that continue for miles. If you are planning a trip on the Shenandoah however, you need to consider the seasons and weather carefully.  Not all canoes will be appropriate when the river is at its lowest, in particular tandem canoes. The riffles and eddies of the river will present good challenges for a canoeist throughout the year. The clear waters are breathtaking and also very good for fishing.




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