Great Upgrades to Your Sea Fishing Kayak

A sea fishing kayak can be a great way to go fishing. It allows you to go to places you won’t be able to reach otherwise and offers an entirely different experience to a boat. You’re much closer to the water and to the fish. A basic sea fishing kayak is quite stripped down. The yak, as it’s known to kayakers, is little more than a shell. Don’t worry, there are upgrades you can make to help it become much better for fishing.

Paddle Leash

One vital upgrade to your sea fishing kayak is a paddle leash. This allows you to attach the paddle to the sea fishing kayak and not worry about losing it. To be caught out in the water without a paddle is to be completely helpless. Make sure you buy a good paddle leash, one that won’t rub through easily or fray. There should be able grommets on the kayak to allow you to attach the paddle leash easily.


Attach grommets to your sea fishing kayak. This is simple enough, involving just a little drilling to the kayak, but it represents a significant upgrade to the vessel. It allows you to attach items to the sea fishing kayak and carry your fish gear without having to worry about it falling off into the water. When items are secured by bungee cords they can’t become lost. Taking a few minutes to purchase grommets and drill holes will pay great dividends in the long run.


When you find a good fishing spot you don’t want to drift away from it, carried by the current. This is where a good anchor can be a good upgrade to your sea fishing kayak. You won’t be able to go out too far since the line on the anchor can’t be too long and the anchor can’t be too heavy. You also need to be careful where you drop the anchor to ensure it doesn’t snag on anything. When used properly it will make sure you stay in the place you’ve picked for fishing without having to worry about finding yourself somewhere completely different an hour later.

Safety Equipment

Although you shouldn’t consider good safety equipment an upgrade, for many people it’s low on the list. Have a good life vest, the very best you can afford, and make sure it fits properly and is worn every time you go out in the sea fishing kayak. You should also ensure you have ample sunscreen and apply it thoroughly. The sun off the water can be especially powerful and you can quickly become sunburned. A hat will help save your scalp from overheating. Finally, have plenty of fresh water with you to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags will help keep dry the things that can't get wet. There’s no way to avoid water in a sea fishing kayak. However, there will be items you need to keep dry. Having a couple of waterproof bags will makes sure that items you can’t afford to have soaked will remain dry and useful.