Green Advantages to Bamboo Flooring Green Advantages to Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring provides a home solution that is environmentally solution. If you are thinking about purchasing bamboo, there are several green advantages that you can realize when installing this flooring. Here are a few green advantages of bamboo flooring.

Renewable Resource

One of the best things about bamboo flooring is that it is made from a renewable resource. Bamboo is highly renewable and it is one of the easiest materials to replenish. A bamboo stalk can mature within 3 to 5 years, which is quite a bit shorter than most trees from which hardwood flooring is harvested. When you cut down bamboo, it will grow back quickly in the same spot. Manufacturers do not even have to worry about replanting a new plant as the bamboo will immediately start growing again once you cut it down.

Certain types of bamboo grow more than 1 foot per day. By comparison, some species of hardwood are made from trees that take hundreds of years to grow. When a wood harvester cuts down one of these trees, it can be very difficult to replace it. 

Less Waste

Another advantage of purchasing bamboo flooring is that manufacturers use much less waste when creating it. With hardwood flooring, there is generally quite a bit of waste involved in making the boards since a tree only produces so many solid pieces of wood that are big enough to make a board. This means that once manufacturers cut the pieces that are large enough to make a hardwood board, they are left with several small pieces of waste. Even though some companies make efforts to eliminate this waste, there will always be a lot.

With bamboo, this is not as big of an issue. Bamboo flooring is made of very small pieces of bamboo stalks. Manufacturers stick several of these pieces together with glue. This means that they are not cutting up the bamboo pieces and throwing away part of them. They are effectively using the entire plant.


When you purchase bamboo, you get a floor that is free of some of the dangerous chemicals that come with other types of hardwood. Even though some of the bamboo brands out there still use dangerous chemicals, many of them are trying to get away from this practice. For example, you are less likely to find formaldehyde or some other chemical in bamboo then you are in a traditional hardwood floor.

Long Lasting

Another green benefit of this floor is that it lasts a long time. Once you install it, you will not have to purchase a floor for many years in the future. This means that you can limit your impact on the environment by purchasing a long-lasting flooring option. 

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