Green Advantages to Rubber Shower Pan Liners

When installing a shower it is always a good idea to install a shower pan and liner. Consider a shower pan and liner to be reminiscent of a basin or shell of a pool. Without one in place the water will reside directly on the structure of the home which can cause erosion, mold and mildew. There are many styles available when shopping for a shower pan and liner, from metal and stone to plastic. A rubber shower pan and liner is one of the best materials to use and the article below will explain what the advantages are.

One Unit

When you have made the decision to use a shower pan and liner you will come to find that most of them are in two pieces. This is to say that you first place the shower pan and the liner then is installed. You attach the two pieces together which allows for potential leaks and warping over time. A rubber shower pan liner is one piece that can be trimmed to fit your needs. These are the best choice because there are no holes or seams to contend with during installation.

Installation Flexibility

Installing a rubber shower pan liner affords you flexibility in that they are easy to install. There are different kinds of rubber liners you can choose from. One kind is very flexible which can be trimmed, put in place and then sealed. A rigid rubber shower pan liner is made to fit in specifically sized showers and will simply “drop in” in the recessed area of the shower area. Another variety of the rubber shower pan liner is one that is sprayed or painted on to the bottom of the shower. This is great because it expands slightly, becomes cushiony and you can install tile on top of it. It is also environmentally safe and inexpensive. The only downside is that keeping it neat is difficult and other tools like a straight edge trowel will be needed to even it out.

Mold Resistant

Rubber is a durable material which can withstand a lot of punishment. One problem that you'll find with other types of materials is the formation of mold. The warmth of the bathroom combined with the moisture is the perfect breeding ground for the formation of mold. Rubber is one of those materials that does not react to these circumstances when the correct formula is used, as in marine-grade rubber. This is the type of rubber that is often used in shower pan liner manufacturing.

Recycling and Renovation

Other materials like concrete and tile used to make shower pans and liners are not easily removed or recycled. This is especially the case when the liner and shower pan are part of the floor of the bathroom. Rubber shower pan liners are great because once you cut the sealant with a utility knife the liner can usually be removed without much effort. This allows you to recycle the rubber or use it in another project such as a basin for an outdoor fountain.