Green and Sustainable Placemats for Thanksgiving Green and Sustainable Placemats for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time of year. Green sustainable placemats can help to make thanksgiving environmentally friendly as well. Many thanksgiving placemats are made out of plastic or plastic coated paper. These are not environmentally friendly, as they often get thrown away. There are many alternatives to using plastic.


Old placemats used to be made from cloth, including cotton. Cotton is a renewable resource. As long as it is sourced from a fair trade company you shouldn't have any concerns making your own cotton placemats.

Cotton placemats can be made from various styles and lots of different patterns of material. If making your own cotton table placemats you will simply need to stitch up a small rectangle of cloth to form the placemat.


Another alternative material to make green sustainable placemats for thanksgiving is paper. Paper is made from trees, and is a biodegradable, renewable resource. Making paper thanksgiving placemats is also something that you can involve your kids in. Designs for the paper placemats can be printed from your computer or made by hand. You can also cut designs out of paper by using scissors. You will find that this is a very easy way to create personal and customized placemats.

When working with paper you can even customize the individual placemats to suit the people sitting at your table. There are lots of websites on the Internet which offer free placemat designs. You can print these designs off on a computer and then cut them out using scissors and a craft knife.


You can buy thick pieces of foil, which can be cut and engraved, or etched using a craft knife and ball point pen. The pen can be pressed in to the surface of the foil to create nice designs. This will make unique and beautiful foil placemats, which are a very special addition to your thanksgiving table.

If you are trying to locate foil for placemats you will need to visit your local home hardware store. It's also possible to buy foil craft kits which are printed and include colors.


The finished design of the thanksgiving placemats should complement the rest of the table design. It can match the design of your centerpiece and the rest of the decorations around your home.

Wicker Mats

If you don't want to make your own mats it is possible to buy wicker mats from various stores. These mats are made of all natural materials and are held together using string. These are also available in more extravagant woven designs.

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