Modern and Green Ways to Update Your Bathroom

An updated bathroom.

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Wondering about some of the new features and design elements available to turn that old room into a place where you can truly savor the at home spa experience? Here’s a small sample of some popular bathroom features that can help give you the bathroom of your dreams, without going totally decadent and forgetting about the environment.

Upgraded Showers

Ask any bathroom designer or renovator and they'll tell you that showers are replacing tubs in many upgraded bathrooms; however, these showers aren't your old spout sticking out of the wall. Showers now include new features like body jets that can be adjusted to suit your height, and spray water to make it feel like rainfall or even a waterfall. You could even install a steam shower with a built-in bench to truly savor the warm water experience.


Old-fashioned bathroom vanities are out; real furniture is in. Lots of the new vanities look more like an elegant bedroom dresser with stylish vanity sinks floating on the surface. Some expanded rooms include space for a chair or a bench to provide a place to get dressed, put on makeup, or just relax.

Can You Hear the Music?

Many new bathrooms are incorporating built-in speakers or even LCD televisions, allowing you to enjoy your choice of soothing classical music in stereo every morning or watch the latest DVD while soaking in your tub.

Forget About That Cold Floor

Heated floors can be installed virtually anywhere, and if you're renovating your bathroom, nothing could be more luxurious than a warm floor. No more stepping out from the shower onto a damp bath mat or even worse, icy cold tiles.

Why Stop at the Floor?

If you want to be sure you feel warm all over after getting out of the shower, consider installing a heat lamp and a towel warmer. The heat lamp ensures that the air stays warm, even on the coldest days. With a built-in timer, you don't need to worry about forgetting it and wasting energy all day. The epitome of luxury, a towel warmer means that you never have to dry off with a cool towel.

Some Stylish Glass

Glass tiles are becoming increasingly popular in redone bathrooms since they can add both color and elegance to the floors and walls of your shower. Or, how about a glass panel around the shower to create a sense of openness in the shower and give the bathroom the appearance of being a much larger room


There is a seemingly never-ending selection of faucets to suit any taste, from ornate to minimalist, and any style, from traditional to ultra-modern. Choose a style and a color to suit your personal taste, although your taste should tend towards chrome and finished nickel, as copper and antique finishes are going out of style.

All That Hot Water

Consider an instant hot water tank to be installed right in your bathroom. This small supplemental tank will ensure a never-ending supply of hot water, while consuming much less energy than your main water heater. That way you can enjoy your bathroom without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills.

Finally, Go Green

Upgrading your bathroom doesn't mean you have to forget about the environment. There are all kinds of green options you can incorporate into your new room without giving losing the luxury. Stylish dual flush or low flush toilets look great while minimizing your wastewater consumption.

Water savers built into shower heads can provide that allover warm water feel while cutting your water consumption in half. Other green alternatives include low-energy lighting to reduce electrical consumption and upgraded insulation in the walls to prevent temperature changes.

This list barely scratches the surface of your options to give your new bathroom the look and feel of an "at home" spa, but incorporating just some of them will help give your bathroom a totally new look and the feel of luxury. As an added bonus, by making green choices, you can enjoy your bathroom and still preserve the environment.