Green Brick Patios: 2 Designs Green Brick Patios: 2 Designs

The design of brick patios can be tough enough already without having to consider how to stay friendly to the environment during the process. Here are a few different design ideas to help you with your green brick patio.

Use Bricks from Old Projects

If you are ripping out an old patio or if you are moving from one house to another you may want to consider bringing or keeping some of the old materials for your new patio.You can talk to neighbors or friends to see if they have done any projects lately and have any leftover bricks or materials or even if they plan on doing a remodel soon you can share supplies. The best part of this is that you get a mix of different material. The style right now for many homes and gardens is a mix and match of different materials and shapes. By collecting bricks from your old home, neighbors and friends you can have a variety of stones and brick to work with, save money on your project and recycle.

To mix and match the best way try to use one of the colors or types of brick and then use another type as an accent. For example, you can use a blue brick as your ground and then use stones or another color or type of brick as your pathway from your home to the yard through the patio. Using recycled materials from different places will set you apart from the rest of your block. It adds personality and style and gives people something to talk about and admire when they come to your home.

Use Bricks from Companies or Factories

Another great idea is to use old bricks from both companies and factories or even old school buildings. What is great about these is that they often have the name on it so you get an array of businesses and you have a theme. Similar to going to a restaurant and seeing many different signs up from other places, you will have a fun spot in the yard for people to look at. Many of the companies will have a salvage yard or a run down building may have the bricks there. You will have to do a little bit of hunting and asking around but the end product is definitely worth it and you are doing the environment and you wallet a favor.

Both of these designs focus on using recycled materials to make a new patio. Do not be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colors and shapes as you go along. The patio is a great place to show off your personality. Be sure as you are working to try out a few dry runs before securing anything in place. This way you can get a good idea of what the whole picture will look like and you can move things around if you need to. Good luck and enjoy your new patio!

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