Green Building Materials

Green building materials are products that are designed to provide environmentally friendly options in building. Green building products can now be found for just about every phase of construction. They tend to involve two main classifications and can sometimes save property builders money upfront or in the long run.

Types of green building materials

Green building materials tend to fall into two main categories. For example, green building products will either be designed to:

  • Utilize recycled materials;
  • Protect the environment over the long haul by reducing the need for natural resources such as water and energy.

Examples of green building products

Although the examples of green building materials are now almost endless, they can include such things as:

  • Salvaged items – Salvaging materials for use in construction is becoming vogue in the green building products market. Reusing wood, blocks, bricks, cabinets and other materials is a greener approach than starting from scratch.
  • Energy-saving materials – Specially insulated wall and ceiling products are considered green building materials. Although they might not come from renewable sources, they can prevent the overuse of them in the long run.
  • Fully recycled materials – Green building materials may also be designated as such because of a high content of recycled materials. Some plastics, wood products and other items would fit the definition of green building material by default of the recycling involved in their creation.