Green Carpet Cleaning for High Traffic Areas

When it comes to green carpet cleaning for high-traffic areas, there are a number of techniques that you can use. Green carpet cleaning is important so that you do not subject your family or pets to harsh chemicals and you keep your carpet clean. Here are a few things to consider about how to clean your carpet with green carpet cleaning methods.


Even though it may seem simple, one of the most important things that you can do to clean high-traffic areas is to vacuum your carpet frequently. In most cases, you should try to vacuum at least once a week and in some cases, twice a week. This helps to eliminate the dust and debris that builds up inside the carpet fibers. By removing this dust, you will be able to keep your carpet looking new for much longer. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you vacuum your carpet frequently in order to promote longevity. Dirt can be very corrosive and if you allow it to build up in your carpet, when you walk on it, it will help break down the carpet fibers. This makes it critical for you to remove the dirt frequently from your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Another method that works great for green carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This method is also referred to as hot water extraction. In most cases, you should hire a steam cleaning company to do this for you. The machines that these companies use are different than what most individuals can buy or rent. These machines are very powerful and use extremely high temperatures to clean your carpet. The good thing about this method is that it does not use any chemicals. The machine will only be using water to create steam to clean your carpet.

In addition to cleaning your carpet thoroughly, steam cleaning also provides another vital service to your carpet. Most carpet is manufactured with a heat-set memory. This means that it is extremely warm when the carpet is manufactured and twisted. After several years of walking on the carpet, the fibers start to become untwisted. By heating up that carpet with steam, the fibers will twist back together and look new again.


If you have stains or spots on your carpet, you should consider cleaning them with a vinegar solution. Most homeowners have vinegar on hand and it can make a very potent carpet cleaner. Mix some vinegar with water and then apply it to a stain on your carpet. Vinegar will disinfect the stain as well as remove it from your carpet.


If you get something sticky on the carpet such as gum, you can also use ice to remove it. Get a few ice cubes and put them on the area that is affected. This will help to freeze the gum or sticky substance and make it much easier for you to remove it from the carpet fibers.