Green Ceramic Fireplace Logs - Safe and Eco-Friendly

Ceramic fireplace logs are an excellent option for people using a gas fireplace. They offer a look which is very similar to real wood without releasing any greenhouse emissions since they don’t actually burn.

Styles of Ceramic Fireplace Logs

There are two primary styles of ceramic fireplace logs, vented and unvented. Vented ceramic logs contain trace amounts of gas inside of them which slowly dissipates as they burn. This is often preferable because it creates a yellow flame which grows as the fire burns. Unvented ceramic logs contain no pockets of gas so they do not create this effect.

Ceramic Fireplace Logs vs Concrete Fireplace Logs

Ceramic fireplace logs are often considered superior to concrete logs for two reasons. They handle rapid temperature changes more effectively than concrete logs so they don’t break down as rapidly. They also heat up more effectively and radiate heat more effectively so they produce more radiant heat.