Green Chemical Cleaning that Gets Rid of Silverfish

Green chemical cleaning or eco-friendly chemical cleaning is among the most easily-adoptable measures for raising your index of green performance. In this regard, using green chemical cleaning for getting rid of silverfish takes prominence. This is because silverfish is among the most common of household pests that is known to invade residential spaces of all types. More than 250 varieties of silverfish have been discovered. The most common variety of household silverfish is the Lepisma saccharina. Silverfish can live up to seven years within a home, slowly eating-away paper-based products like wallpaper, books and even fabrics like clothing and food items.

Some effective green chemical cleaning methods to get rid of silverfish include:

Using Green Silverfish Traps

One of the most effective and eco-friendly ways of killing silverfish is to use traps made from non-toxic substances rather than using insecticides loaded with chemically-formulated ingredients. An effective silverfish trap can be prepared with basic supplies like a glass jar and some duct tape.

This kind of trap utilizes the simple fact that silverfish cannot escape sticky surfaces like duct tape. This is because the natural enzymes that silverfish use to digest paper and fiber are unable to eat or decompose the adhesive found on duct tapes. To make the jar enticing for the silverfish, you need to place some sugary or starch-filled food like molasses inside the jar. Place a small amount of molasses upon small strips of duct tape and place these within the jar. Cover the inside and outside of the jar with strips of duct tape. Roll the strips inside-out, i.e. with the sticky side forming the upper/exposed surface.

The jar should be placed in areas susceptible to silverfish infestation. However, it is recommended to place some jar traps in areas that are conventionally known to house silverfish. This includes all plumbing areas, basements, garages, closets and all surfaces near the kitchen.

Those who don’t want to prepare the jar traps can use roach traps that are available at local hardware stores. These traps are quite effective for eliminating silverfish and also use food-based baits, i.e. they are devoid of harmful chemicals.

Using Green Chemical Mixes

A green, eco-friendly silverfish killer formula can be prepared at home by mixing boric acid and baking soda in equal ratios. Please note that the boric acid used here is not the variety used in industrial applications. This form of boric acid is also used in many kinds of food-packaging industries and is safe for domestic use. Further, it is devoid of any harmful chemical ingredients. This form of boric acid doesn’t leave any residue and is safe in a home having children and pets. Baking soda too is a food-grade item, found in packaged food items and used in kitchens.

You can pack this mixture into small strips of newspapers and distribute them around the house. The cellulose found in the newspaper attracts the silverfish. However, upon digestion of the boric acid mixture, the silverfish die instantaneously.

Using Green Caulking

Most hardware stores retail slightly-expensive, eco-friendly versions of caulk. It should be noted that caulking is one of the most basic and effective ways of controlling a silverfish infestation. You can use this green caulking material to seal all holes or voids in surfaces that are within the realm of a silverfish attack. Caulking also helps to choke-out the silverfish eggs that are usually laid within crevices of walls and damp surfaces.