Green Driveway Paving Ideas

With everyone looking for green options for their home, many are looking for green driveway paving ideas.

1 - Gravel

Gravel has been around for years. It is not expensive, and can be long lasting. Just be sure to grade the area smooth before putting the gravel down. Over time, the gravel will dig into the ground and more will need spread over the area.

2 - Beach Pebbles

Beach Pebbles can be bought in a variety of colors. Because they are so small, they tend to last a very long time.They are available in pink, gray, and natural, or white shades that are all natural. A multi-colored mix is also available.

3 - Porous Pavement

This method is done by laying down a form which is Eco-friendly, which allows for run off. Below, short foliage, or grass is planted. This looks very natural and has the same look as your yard, but allows grip for your tires, as well as offering an aesthetically pleasing look. This can also be done with stones on each side of a strip of grass down the center.

4 - Dirt

Dirt is definitely a viable option, but you will need to be sure that there is drainage. Place rocks down prior to pouring the dirt to ensure proper run off.