Green Eating - Summer's Best Organic Ice Creams

a woman bites into an ice cream cone

Green eating can be delicious. It’s August and it’s hot, so what’s a better way to cool off than by sharing a pint of ice cream with the family? How about sharing an organic pint of ice cream with the family? While most organic ice creameries tend to cost a bit more than non-organic ice cream, usually $.50 - $.75 more, organic ice creams are better for the environment and your family. What you might miss from the wallet, you’ll gain with the tastes of ice creams free of pesticides, preservatives, additives, food coloring and chemical ingredients. Check out the list below for the best organic ice creams.

Julie’s Organic Ice Cream is made is small batches of sweet fresh cream, organic resh fruits and organic sugar. Pints come in blackberry, mint fudge, mocha java, strawberry, chocolate, caramel and vanilla.

Green and Black’s Organic Ice Creams are deliciously rich. The creamery prizes fresh cream and ingredients, like real vanilla bean and organic, bittersweet dark chocolate. For a real indulgence, try the white chocolate with strawberries.

Alden’s Ice Cream, another Oregon ice cream factory boasts organically farmed and certified USDA Organic ingredients in its vanilla bean, chocolate chocolate chip, strawberry and cookies n’ cream ice creams.

Lastly, Straus Family Creamery out of California uses simple organic ingredients in all of their ice creams. Flavors include vanilla bean, Dutch chocolate, coffee, mint chocolate chip and raspberry.