Green Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas

Exterior home remodeling projects tend to be some of the most difficult to accomplish because you need the exterior to be a pleasing focal point. When it comes time for you to start an exterior home remodeling project consider doing it by going green. One of the problems we face today is that there are not many people using renewable and sustainable resources. There are a number of exterior home remodeling projects you can do that take being green into consideration. Some of these projects can be done very inexpensively, while others will take more time and money to complete. Even a small exterior home remodeling project that is green can mean a lot to the environment. The information contained here will provide several ideas for your exterior home remodeling project that are green.

Renewable Siding

You have to cover the outside of your home with something. The obvious choices are to use vinyl or aluminum siding. Although these choices are good, they are not the best. Vinyl siding is made from PVC and the process to make it puts many chemicals into the area. Removing vinyl siding is easy to do, but it does not erode like other materials, so it can fill up landfills. The process to recycle it is expensive and places pollutants into the air. Metal siding can rust and decay over time, meaning you may have to replace it sooner rather than later. Wood is a potential green alternative, but with forests disappearing it is not very practical. The best solution is to use stone or brick as an exterior siding.%3