Green Fabric

Green fabric is any fabric that is made from sustainable or organic natural materials, such as organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool, corn, hemp, seaweed, soy, bamboo and other materials. Natural latex is sometimes used in the manufacture of green fabric. There has been green fabric made from recycled materials, such as cotton, and green fabric has even been created from stinging needles.

Hemp as Green Fabric

Hemp is a natural material used in green fabric, and is touted as one with the most potential for widespread use in sustainable clothing. Hemp grows easily and is environmentally friendly, but because of its biological association with marijuana, it is still illegal to grow industrial hemp within the United States.

Legislation is being worked on to change this, but as of now, hemp needs to be grown elsewhere in the world. Hemp products can be manufactured in the US, though, and there are now on the market a wide variety of clothes that use hemp as the green fabric in their manufacture.