Green Garden Supplies- Split Cane Fencing Green Garden Supplies- Split Cane Fencing

While searching for a nice backdrop for your green garden consider the idea of a split cane fence.  Using eco-friendly bamboo or reed cane, split cane fencing is an inexpensive way to cover unsightly areas of your yard, create an air of privacy, and offer shade, while giving you a sturdy garden fence.  A lovely side effect is the exotic look it will bring to your yard.

Spit cane fencing is flexible enough to suite your needs if you place it across your whole fence line or corral in a smaller area of your yard.  You can use it to offer a secluded looking seating area or as a decoration.  It is easy to install by unrolling the cane slats weaved together with galvanized wire and securing it to an old wire or chain link fence you already have or providing fence post for a freestanding fence.

There are a few things to consider when you explore the option of split cane fencing.  Although the canes stand up well to the test of time, it will change color as the sun and rain affect the wood.  The galvanized wire tends to deteriorate in over a couple of years needing repair or replacing.

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