Green Home Designs: Roof Options Green Home Designs: Roof Options

The new tendency in green home designs has the goal to not only make your home look better but to build with materials that work better for the home owner and for the environment. Every one wants to use less energy and have a more comfortable home. New green oriented options are available to meet these expectations.

One of the most important remodeling you may do to your house is without a doubt the roof. Many green options are available for home owners who wants to save in the long run on power bills, reduce maintenance, get ecological benefits and by the same occasion give their house a great durable look.

Green House Roof Options

Wood Shake

The environmental benefit of using wood shake is that they are often made of trees damaged by storms. Cedar being the most often used kind of wood for it's rot resistant quality, their durability goes up to 30 years if well installed and maintained. They are very popular for their light weight and the nice accent they give to a house. Wood shake could be hard to maintain in a high humidity climate and require to be install with stainless steel nails to prevent rust. A roof made of wood shake can cost from $200 to $300 per square foot.

Recycled Content

These roof shingles tend to look like slate of even asphalt shingles but are in fact made of recycled materials such as rubber, tires and recycled plastics. Warranties of 75 years are not uncommon on this type of roofing. Because of there incredible durability, it is recommended to use high quality stainless steels nails to keep them in place. Recycled content shingles could be installed for $300 to $600 per square. Their light weight doesn't require structure reinforcement like for concrete tiles witch cost less but don't last as long.

Aluminium Roofing

Aluminium shingles are available 100% made of recycled materials. Even if a lot of energy is needed to produce it, the durability of this material makes it profitable for the home owner and the environment. It has been demonstrated that this kind of roofing reduce considerably the energy need to cool homes in hot climate areas. Different shingles models are available imitating shake, slate or even shingles and comes coated to increase the durability of the material. This light weight roof option is available at $250 to $300 per square.

Green Roof

Green roofs are still at their experimental stages but are known to reduce significantly the negative effects that a conventional roof has on homes and the environment. Besides adding more green area to a property, green roofing contribute to reduce heat in the summer and heat loss in the cold winter months. The cost of a green roof is about twice the price of a conventional roof.

Several layers of different types of roofing has to be putted together and covered by a thin coated of soil. Carefully chosen dwarf species of plants that can survive harsh elements have to be installed there and maintained on a regular basis. The level of maintenance of this type of roofing is without a doubt the highest of all.

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