Green Landscaping- Mow Regularly and Leave the Clippings Green Landscaping- Mow Regularly and Leave the Clippings

If you are practicing green landscaping, one of the first things you should do is mow your yard regularly and leave the clippings on the yard. This idea is the opposite of what our parents and grandparents did to their lawns, but you will be pleased with the results and the easy maintenance of your lawn.

Grass Height

Grass should be kept between 2 and 3 inches tall and slightly taller as the heat of the summer arrives and stays. Scalping your lawn will kill it or cause weeds to take over, as grass at a shorter height is weak and the weeds can crowd it out. Also, grass in a shorter height isn't resistant to children and pets playing on it. For every 1/8th of an inch the blade of your lawnmower is raised, the surface of the blades of grass is increased by 30 percent, giving more space for nutrients and water to be taken in.


Grass clippings are 85 percent water and 5 percent nitrogen, so left on the lawn they will return moisture and nutrients to the soil. Clippings that are shorter in length will settle to the roots of the taller grass and decompose faster. Grass clippings also deter insects and hold moisture in the soil of the lawn.

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