Green Laser Pointer

A green laser pointer is a relatively new type of laser pointer that became commonly available on the market in 2000. They are of a much more complicated design than the standard red laser pointer, because the green light is generated by an indirect process, with a very high power laser diode.

Difference Between a Green Laser Pointer and a Red Laser Pointer

One of the characteristics which distinguishes a green laser pointer from a red one is that the green laser pointer beam is visible as a line in the air, and not just at the end destination spot of the laser light, as is the case with a red laser pointer.

A green laser pointer is about fifty times brighter than a red one, and the beam can be used to point in mid-air at objects far off into the distance, with the green laser light visible even though the end point might not be hitting anything. Green laser pointers are favorites of start buff, astronomers and the like who can point out constellations with them or specific stars.